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I bought the books from Oxford University Press (reissue)
Just search for K.M. Peyton and choose what books you want.

You could also try at
There may be other sites as well that I don't know of.

Christine McKenna wrote a book after Flambards called "Why didn't they tell the horses?". It's about Christines own experiences of horseriding and a little behind-the-scenes info, Iv'e read it and it's a must for every Flambards fan! Unfortunately it's out of print but if you have an opportunity to search the used bookshops and fleamarkets in England, perhaps you can find it. You could also try the above mentioned sites for used books.
I borrowed my copy from The World Sidesaddle Federation


The haunting music is composed by David Fanshawe, who used to have a website at but it have been down for quite a while.
There is information on David here where you can also contact him and read about his most known work.

During 2001 you could purchase a personally autographed CD from the composer, but I don't know if they still have any copies. You can always write and ask them, perhaps you'll be lucky!

It costed 14,99 /19,99 $ + package and posting. (May 2001)
You could also buy a original manuscript, suitable for framing, of the famous whistle theme from Fanshawe. Price: 17,99 /24,99 $


The complete series is available on video (2 double cassettes), either from David Fanshawe (see details above)
or at and
Again, there may be other sites that I don't know of.
Price is 14,99 /27,99 $ apiece + packing and postage (May 2001)

If you know of any other site/sites not mentioned here, please e-mail me and I will add them to this page!


At last, series is also available on DVD! At present only for REGION 1 (USA and Canada) so be sure your DVD-player can handle region 1 discs. Go to


If you want to discuss Flambards with other fans, there is a great group at of which I am a proud member!

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