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1: Christina

Script by Alan Plater, directed by Michael Ferguson.

The orphaned Christina Parsons arrives at Flambards to live with her uncle Russell and his two sons, Mark and William. Since she was five, she has been passed around to various aunts.
That day there is a fox hunt, and during it William falls off his horse and is carried home with a broken leg.
Christina is a little intimidated by her fierce uncle Russell and the eldest son, Mark who is rude and bossy.

Later that evening she brings William his supper since nobody has had time to bother. She likes William who hates horses and his life at Flambards. He is much more interested in aeroplanes and knows somebody who's building one.

Christina is ordered by uncle Russell to start riding and the next day she meets Fowler and Dick who works in the stables. She instantly likes horses and riding very much and Dick is a good teacher.
To be sure he won't have to ride again, William walks on his leg against doctors order to make the knee stiff.

Mark is jealous of Christina's friendship with Dick and William and says he will take her out riding instead.

A package arrives for William from his mysterious friend with the aeroplane. Christina delivers it to mr Russell by mistake so he finds out about his son's interest in flying machines. He orders William to read hunting books but William throw them out of the window and thereby stands up to his father.

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