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2: The Blooding

Script by Alan Plater, directed by Lawrence Gordon-Clark

Christina tries to introduce christmas customs at Flambards, without success... Dick is the only one who is really thankful for his gift.
Christina participates in her first hunt and is blooded. She really loves the excitement and in the evening she rushes in with Mark to tell Uncle Russell all about it.
Eager to solve the mystery of where William goes every day, Christina follows him on Sweetbriar. What she discover astounds her...
Uncle Russell buys a new horse for Christina, Drummer, but Fowler and Mary have difficulties getting Uncle Russell to pay the tradesmans bills.

At a hunt, Mark takes Sweetbriar. He tries to jump a hedge that is too high for her, and she is badly injured.
Uncle Russell decides that she is to be shot and fed to Mr Lucas's hounds. Christina gets very upset and throws a bottle of vine in the fireplace and runs out of the room in tears.

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