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3: Entry to a new world

Script by Alex Glasgow, directed by Leonard Lewis

Christina rushes out to Sweetbriar in the stables and Dick tries to comfort her.

She asks Dick and William to help her save Sweetbriar, and together they come up with a plan.

Dick hands over the horse to William and Christina on the way to slaughter and they will take her to mr Dermot's.
Dick's going to pay mr Lucas's kennelman to keep the secret.

Mr Dermot's place is a new experience to Christina. It's like stepping into the future from the medieval world of Flambards!

Mr Dermot is a very kind man and Joe, the mechanic, will take good care of Sweetbriar. William is soon absorbed by the work and of course, Emma, the aeroplane.

At a party, Mark learns that Sweetbriar wasn't destroyed. Uncle Russell and Mark soon discovers Dick's part in it and fires him. Russell won't give him any references so he won't be able to get another job.
Uncle Russell gets very mad at William and Christina for acting against his orders. He slaps Christina on the face, and wants to give William a whipping but William grabs the cane and breakes it into.

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