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4: Lady Bountiful

Script by William Humble, directed by Michael Ferguson

Christina goes to see Dick and his mother in the willage. It's not a pleasant visit and Dick seems very embarrassed to see her. His mother on the other hand invites Christina to sit by her bed and chat for a while.
Christina feels very guilty that Dick got fired and she tries all sorts of ways to help the Wrights. Unfortunately it's hard to steal food without getting someone else in trouble. Later she finds out that Dick has joined the army.
She spends more and more time with William at mr Dermot's and they are getting very close. But she doesn't like it when William flies...
Mark is flirting with Violet and Mary is annoyed because Violet seems to spend too much time cleaning Mark's room. Particularly when he's in it...

Later Violet is fired when Uncle Russell finds out she is pregnant by Mark.

One day when Mark and Christina is out riding, Dick suddenly steps out from a tree and pulls Mark from the saddle. They fight violenty, and Christina is horrified. She hurries home and tries to get Fowler to help her stop the fight but he won't interfere.
That evening Mark is not joining them for dinner but Uncle Russell is obviously amused. Even William is laughing. Christina however, worries over Mark and goes to his room. He is badly beaten and doesn't want any dinner, so she sits with him for a while.

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