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5: Point to point

Script by Alex Glasgow, directed by Lawrence Gordon-Clark.

It's time for the annual point-to-point race and Mark is riding Gold Willow. Uncle Russell has put a lot of money on him and so has Mary...

That same day, William is testing Emma, and he flies over the course.

Just as Mark and his major competitor are finishing towards the goal, William has trouble with Emma and crashes into a tree near the goal. People and horses are running in panic, and everything is chaos. Only Colonel Badstock completes the race so he wins the throphy...
Uncle Russell is furious with William and decides that he is going to Canada and learn forestry. William escapes for London during the night, but before that he asks Christina to come with him to the Hunt Ball.

Mark wants Christina to go with HIM, but she refuses. If William shouldn't show up, she won't go.

Mark also asks Christina to marry him, but Christina declines. She doesn't love him, and misses William more than she thought she would.

Christina hasn't yet unpacked the ball dress from aunt Grace, she thinks it will be plain and dull. When Mary unpacks it they are both thrilled to find a beautiful pink dress.

Mark is quite taken with Christina all dressed up and he asks her again to come to the Ball with him...
As promised, William shows up at Flambards taking Christina to the Ball. He later asks her to come with him, although they cannot get married just yet. Christina agrees without hesitation and they elope directly from the Ball in mr Dermots car.

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