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6: The cold light of day

Script by William Humble, directed by Michael Ferguson

William and Christina arrives to Battersea and Aunt Grace very early in the morning.
Christina stays with aunt Grace while William is out looking for work. Unfortunately it's not going to well.

He hasn't got a flying certificate and his stiff leg doesn't help either...

Later William makes friends with a pilot, Sandy, who's working as a flying instructor at an airfield called Elm Park.
Thanks to Sandy, William gets a job as a mechanic for just meals. Christina goes to see him there and she meets Sandy's girlfriend Dorothy.
Dorothy's father owns a hotel, and Dorothy gets Christina a job there. Now she can be near William, but Dorothy thinks she takes men to serious.
Dorothy, Christina and William goes to London, William is seeing a doctor about his leg. Meanwhile Dorothy and Christina goes shopping. The doctor can fix William's leg, but it will cost 300 guineas. On the way home, they read in a newspaper that Mr Dermot has been killed flying Emma.

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