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7: Edge of the cloud

Script by Alan Plater, directed by Leonard Lewis

William goes to Mr Dermots funeral. He stops by at Flambards and talks to Mark but Russell tells Mark to throw him out.
Christina spends the day with Sandy at the airfield. William returns in Emma, which he inherited from Mr Dermot.
William has his operation and now he can fly all the planes at Elm Park. Dorothy, Sandy and Joe must listen to his knee making sounds...
To help pay for the operation, William volunteers to fly a plane to France for exchange to a new one. Christina reluctantly goes with him.
During the flight, they communicate with notes. Christina quite likes writing notes, but she doesn't like flying over the channel.
When they reach the coast of France, they have to land due to an oil leak. They spend the night in an old barn and Christina gets a very special note...

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