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8: Flying high

Script by Alex Glasgow, directed by Michael Ferguson

When they return from France, Christina shows Dorothy the signed proposal from Will. Dorothy wouldn't mind having one like it from Sandy...

Meanwhile William and Sandy has other things on their minds, like looping the loop.

Adams first yells at them for risking the planes but then realises that there is money to be made. Willam negotiates a good deal for Sandy, who now becomes a well known stuntpilot.

One night they get a surprise visitor, it's Mark coming to tell them Uncle Russell has died. Mark is joining the army.

William refuses to go to the funeral, but Christina goes.

Aunt Grace is now her gardian and she later gives William a ring for Christina.

William's plane the Dermot is finally ready and a man from Brooklands comes to look at it. The testflight goes really well and William is offered a job as an aeroplane designer.

Then mr Adams wants one of the lads to check the Bleriot and they flip a coin to decide who of them... During the flight, something happens with the engine. The pilot tries desperately to land but the plane crashes into Elm Parks entrance.
Christina is petrified, she doesn't know if it's William or Sandy, but when Mr Adams and the others get to the pilot, it turns out to be Sandy. Everyone is in shock.

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