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9: Sing no sad songs

Script by Alan Plater, directed by Leonard Lewis

After Sandy's funeral William and Christina are married. Shortly after their honeymoon Willaim joins the RFC. After more than 2,5 years they spend their first longer holiday together in a small cottage.
William was wounded by a german shell and Mark is reported missing, presumably killed in France. Still William and Christina make the most of the holiday and are very happy.
Two weeks after their holiday, she gets the dreaded telegram that says that William is shot down over France and killed. The message is the same no matter how many times she reads it. Dorothy and Christina takes a final trip to Elm Park.
Christina, all the time keeping a brave face, decides to go back to Flambards. Fowler meets her in the trap, and Flambards is falling to bits more than ever.
Mary and Fowler are glad to see her again, but she's in a peculiar mood. After some hesitation she goes into Williams room, and finally she breaks down in tears on his bed.
Christina isn't well and Dr Porter comes to see her. He tells her that she's going to have a baby. She returns to Williams room to feel his presence.

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