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10: New blood

Script by William Humble, directed by Lawrence Gordon-Clark

Christina is determined to bring Flambards back to it's former glory, but it isn't easy when all the craftsmen are out fighting. Mary and Fowler doesn't always appreciate Christina's ideas.
Fowler finds an old builder, Mr Dobson, who comes and fix up the diningroom and the hall. Christina is very pleased and wants to go on with the rest of the house.
The bigger Christina gets the more impatient she is. She insists on wearing her old dresses that are now to small and she won't take it easy.
On top of this, she has got into her head to run Flambards as a farm. Fowler resents that strongly, but promises to try to find help. He lights up when Christina also asks him to find her a proper riding horse.
The two boys Fowler managed to find, Stanley and Harry, are silly and lazy but they will have to do.

Christina think the house is too quiet and empty, and one day she gets a great idea!

Christina looks up Violet in London and persuades her to let her adopt Marks son, Tizzy. It's short for Thomas Mark. He is really a handful and the spitting image of his father!

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