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11: Prisoners of war

Script by Alex Glasgow, directed by Peter Duffell

Christina decides to apply for prisoners of war to work on the farm. Fowler and Mary objects very loudly to this, but there is no other way to get help.

She learns from Tizzy, that Dick is working in a pub in London. Christina goes there and offers him a job to run the farm but he declines.

Next day the prisoner arrives, and Fowler and the boys doesn't greet him very friendly...

His name is Wilhelm and he is a gentle, hardworking man. Back home he has a small farm of his own so he is a big help.

Stanley and Harry are constantly pestering Wilhelm, and one day they accuse him of stealing tobacco. Suddenly Dick appears on the scene, speaking fluently german and tells the boys to watch their behavour.
Dick will live in the old farmhouse, but spends a lot of time in the big house. Mary doesn't think it's proper behavour "in your condition, mam!"

Christina tries to get Dick accepted by the other estate owners, but old habits die hard.

It really helps having Dick taking charge, and Christina can relax a little. Finally it's time to have the baby, Mary is out but Wilhelm comes to the resque. He's delivered two of his own children so he knows what to do.
Mary is shocked to hear that Wilhelm is the midwife, but soon Christina gives birth to a beautiful baby girl!

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