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12: What are servants for?

Script by William Humble, directed by Lawrence Gordon-Clark

Flambards has it's first harvest and the men work hard. Christina and Dick are getting close and she's glad to have him there.
When the harvest is done, they celebrate and really enjoy themselves.

But someone is aproaching the house in the dark.

Dick answers the door, and just stares at - Mark! He tells Dick to take his luggage inside but Dick just goes home.

Everyone is shocked to see Mark who they thought was dead. He joins the party and gets very drunk.

The next morning Christina tells Mark about William and he meets Isobel and Tizzy. Later she takes him on a tour around the farm.
Dick and Mark still can't get along, and Christina is mad at Mark for insulting Dick. Mark proposes to Christina but she refuses him again.
After dinner Christina goes to see Dick and begs him to stay. Meanwhile Dorothy arrives for a short visit, before going to France as a nurse.

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