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13: Inheritance

Script by Alan Plater, directed by Peter Duffell

Mark lets Tizzy ride Pheasant but she returns to the stables without him. Everyone is out looking for Tizzy and finally Dick finds him by the old Tower.
Christina and Mark quarrel as usual and Dick says he won't stay at Flambards if Mark is running it. Christina tells Mark that she will take the children with her and move away.
At night there is a fire in the stables and Tizzy is caught up on the second floor. Dick manages to get him out before he collapses. Mark then carries Dick out of the stables.
It turns out that Tizzy started the fire so they wouldn't have to move. Mark sends for a solicitor who tells them that Flambards is deep in debt and Christina is the only one who can save it.
They decide that Christina is to take over Flambards and continue to run it as a farm.

Mark has to go back to the war and leave his home. Things will never be the same again.

Christina and Dick is to be married, so is Dorothy and Mark. To celebrate this Dick and Mark bury the hatches for a while and they have a small party.


Here the story ends, at least in the series. But what happens now? Will Dick and Christina live happily ever after? Will Mark and Dorothy stay together and will Mark be happy without Flambards and Christina? If you want answers to these and other questions, read K.M. Peyton's fourth book, "Flambards divided" and find out!

Who knows, she might even write a fifth book...

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